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Immersive Lighting 1.1

Release Notes

Immersive Lighting 1.1 brings a host of new features to the table. The biggest new addition is the ability to have Niagara Particle Systems influence nearby real-world lights. This opens the doors to doing real-time visual effects not only in video games or virtual production, but for instance during a concert that includes the entire stage and/or stadium lighting where effects could ripple past the crowd. This could also be applied to drones during a lightshow or an art exhibit across an entire building. IL 1.1 opens the doors to even more possibilities using the power of the Unreal Engine.


A full list of the release notes can be found below.

New Features:
New Immersive Lighting Niagara Effect Volumes
Supporting Unreal Engine's Niagara

New IL Editor Toolbar Button + Basic Tools For Virtual Production/Professionals
Support For Creating IL Effect Volumes In Blueprints
Early Support For Dynamic Real-World Lights Tracked Using Vive Trackers
Improvements, Bug Fixes + Optimizations To The Core IL System
Immersive Lighting Application (Coming Soon)

IL Niagara Particle Sim.PNG

New IL Niagara Effect Volumes (the above image shows an IL Rig emulating an array of 3D lights to simulate a simple rain particle system created in Niagara)

New IL Toolbar Option.PNG

New Immersive Lighting Toolbar Option
Add the following to your DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini to enable


IL Editor Tools.PNG

New Immersive Lighting Editor Tools

Accessible from the Immersive Lighting toolbar option, the IL Editor Tools can help with making updates to IL Lighting Layouts in real-time from a remote device such as a phone or tablet


  • Created the new IL Editor Tools Utility Widget

  • Updated UImmersiveLightingFactory to have the BlueprintType specifier

  • Updated LightingSetup in UImmersiveLightingLayout to be BlueprintReadWrite

  • Updated the GetDevices function for the iCUELightingSystem to refresh the device list

  • Added a new function RefreshLightingSystem to the IL System to refresh the currently connected lights and to re-enumerate them if possible

  • Updated DMXLibrary and DefaultProtocol to be BlueprintReadOnly in the DMX_IL runtime settings

  • Added the function GetImmersiveLightingOrigin to UImmersiveLightingSystem

  • Added the function GetLightingSystems to UImmersiveLightingSystem

  • Added a virtual new function UpdateLight to UImmersiveLightController

  • Updated Emitter Volumes to have a min and max velocity instead of a constant

  • Added the brand new ImmersiveLightingNiagaraVolume class opening the doors to Niagara effects affecting lights in full 3D

  • Added a new Simulation Color property to AImmersiveLightingRig to set the base color of simulated lights

  • Created a new function for Emulated Light Controllers called CreateEmulatedLightController

  • Added a new Hollow Body feature to the AImmersiveLightingRig to hollow out a simulation

  • Added in 2 new functions to the ImmersiveLightingFunctionLibrary: CalculateRadialAttentuation, CalculateRadialAttentuation2

  • Created the new AImmersiveLightingNiagaraVolume actor class that is able to use Niagara particle data in the Immersive Lighting System

  • Added in a Max Particle Count property to the AImmersiveLightingNiagaraVolume class to control how many particles are allowed to influence nearby real-world lights

  • Added in a debug option Show Particle Count for the AImmersiveLightingNiagaraVolume class that will show the particle count

  • Added in a temporary option MT Data Processing for the AImmersiveLightingNiagaraVolume class that can toggle multi-threading when going through the particle data each frame

  • Added OverrideLightColor to AImmersiveLightingParticleVolume to control whether or not the current light color prior to the operation is ignored

  • Added a new Reset All Lights setting to the IL Runtime Settings that allows the user to only reset their Immersive Lights and not all of the connected lights to the system

  • Updated the icon for the toolbar to be properly sized with the other buttons and to maximize on the space in a 50x40 icon

  • Added a PreComputeLighting BlueprintImplementableEvent to the IL Effect Volumes so that they can be created in Blueprints

  • Updated AImmersiveLightingRig so that Use Immersive Lights for the simulation is disabled by default

    Bug Fixes:

  • [FIXED]: Fixed a typo in the Turn Off function for UImmersiveLightController

  • [FIXED]: Fixed incorrectly setting the color for the dynamic material at the time of creating the instanced meshes to represent the Emulated Light Controllers in UImmersiveLightingRig

  • [FIXED]: Fixed a crash when Use Immersive Lights is set to true for an AImmersiveLightingRig where it is unable to get the controller location

  • [FIXED]: Fixed an issue where by sorting the list of IL Layouts in the ILEditorTools Editor Widget, it was pointing to the wrong assets

  • [FIXED]: Fixed an issue with the ILEditorTools Editor Widget where if the window was closed while it has an active state with the IL Live Link, it then had an incorrect state with the display and buttons when reopening it

  • [FIXED]: Fixed an issue where a Niagara particle system’s volume particle count was way out of control causing an eventual memory leak

  • [FIXED]: The AImmersiveLightingRig sprite is visible in game

  • [FIXED]: The AImmersiveLightingOrigin sprite is visible in game

  • [FIXED]: Fixed all PhilipsHueGroups having the same index after being parsed

  • [FIXED]: Fixed AImmersiveLightingProbe from attempting to attach a null sprite component in standalone mode

  • [FIXED]: Fixed AImmersiveLightingRig from attempting to attach a null sprite component in standalone mode

  • [FIXED]: Fixed AImmersiveLight from attempting to attach a null sprite component in standalone mode

  • [FIXED]: Fixed AImmersiveLightGroup from attempting to attach a null sprite component in standalone mode

  • [FIXED]: Fixed a bug in AImmersiveLightingRig where the StaticMeshComponent it was creating for the simulation could have had a null reference when storing the controller location

  • [FIXED]: Fixed an issue with the IL System where it would still process Light Components if Affects World was disabled

  • [FIXED]: Fixed ILGI from sometimes dimming the resulting color

  • [FIXED]: Fixed an issue whereby appending new lights to the IL System, it would still add the light regardless if the element already existed in the LightComponents array

  • [FIXED]: Fixed the IL Probe from being able to register a ULightComponent that is already being used by another probe

  • [FIXED]: Fixed some warnings with FImmersiveLightingParticleEffectData

  • [FIXED]: Fixed an issue where the light sample was being clamped after being calculated with a brightness factor even if the result was intended

    Other various bug fixes and quality of life improvements...

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