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Tutorial #5: IL Master Effects

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to take IL Effects (and IL Volume Effects) and combine multiple ones to create IL Master Effects. These allow you to extend and add more depth to how your effects animate.

#1: Create an Immersive Lighting Master Effect UAsset

You can add this new asset to your Effects folder from the previous tutorial or by creating a new folder in your Content Browser called MasterEffects under your IL folder if you've already created it as an example. Right-click in the new folder and under the Immersive Lighting menu, select Immersive Lighting Master Effect and name the effect MasterDemoEffect. Open the effect so we can edit it.

In the following example, we've created a master effect that triggers 4 IL Effect Assets right from the start of the animation. You can also set a delay before each sub-effect is played back and a count of how many times the effect is looped. These 4 effects themselves have an infinite loop so the loop count in this case is set to 1. 

Right now IL Master Effects are still in an early stage. Over time, these will become more advanced and offer more options to configure them.

IL Master Effects.png

#2: Setup the Master Effect to be triggered using multiple Light Controllers

Let's hook up the new MasterDemoEffect to be triggered to start on BeginPlay. Go into your level blueprint and call Get Immersive Lighting System and from that, call Play Master Effect for BeginPlay and Stop Master Effect (or Stop All Lighting Effects) on EndPlay.

IL Master Effects Setup.png

To assign the effect to an array of Light Controllers, Play Master Effect can take in an Immersive Lighting Layout or Play Master Effect To Controller and Play Master Effect To Controllers that can take one or more Light Controllers instead.

If you've setup your lighting interfaces correctly, you can test the effect out by playing in the editor. You should see your MasterDemoEffect played back on the light controllers.

As a note, you can assign a single Light Controller that could be for example an RGB keyboard with multiple LEDs, in which you would see the effect across of the LEDs. Each LED is treated as an individual light source in the entire array so you can use one or many devices on top of RGB lights.

Don't forget to make sure your lighting interfaces are setup properly for Philips hue, Corsair iCUE, DMX, etc. in order to see the lights in action

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