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Immersive Lighting

Immersive Lighting is the worlds-first true 3D surround lighting solution for video games, virtual production and many other industries. Unlike other options available on the market today, the technology behind it doesn't rely upon what is rendered to the screen to emulate this but instead, gives you a true and accurate representation of the virtual lighting when replicated to your real-world lights.

Currently, the technology has initial support for Unreal Engine 4 and will support Unreal Engine 5 during its preview the first half of the year with final support coming later in the year during its release. In the future, support will come to Unity and as a cross-platform SDK that can be implemented into any project.

Check out some of the features available in Immersive Lighting below...

Surround Lighting + ILGI

A true 3D surround lighting solution that accurately replicates the virtual lighting in the real-world. Immersive Lighting Global Illumination (ILGI) also supports global illumination to enhance the experience.

Effects Systems

Create simple or advanced effects across multiple lights. Effects can be created in 2D or 3D space whether it's for instance across an RGB keyboard, an LED strip, or a collection of lights at a location.

Surround Lighting + ILGI
Surround Lighting + ILGI

The core Immersive Lighting feature that brings true 3D lighting from the virtual world, into the real-world. Similar to how for instance surround sound works, this will add a new level of immersion to your video game or in virtual production, project the light onto the actors on set for a more accurate method compared to LED screens.

The main feature handles direct light injection while ILGI is a solution to provide indirect (or bounced) light injection. Both features can be directly controlled how they factor into the end result.

Effects Systems
Effects Systems

These allow the user to also affect the lights in many other ways. The standard effect system provides a way of doing common effects in 2D or 3D space which could be applied for instance to a couple lights or an array of LEDs. Volume effects add a much deeper layer in creating more advanced VFX style effects. New experimental layers add video/pixel mapping support and audio/frequency mapping support to also blend into the overall result. There will also be direct support for Niagara in the future to also leverage this further.

Video/Audio Mapping (Experimental)

Easily map a video, texture and audio data in real-time to a collection of light sources or their individual LEDs if present. In the case of audio, we're mapping frequency ranges in one or many dimensions to update the colors (for now). These features are currently scratching the surface and we will be expanding upon this moving forward. Check out the tutorials on how to use them and feel free to let us know any feedback you have.

Consumer + Professional Lighting Interfaces

Immersive Lighting has full support out of the gate for consumer and professional lighting interfaces for Philips hue, Corsair iCUE PC RGB products all the way to DMX light fixtures on set or on stage. The system is built so that it is very easy to add new lighting interfaces as needed. If there is any system you want to see supported, let us know.

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  • True 3D Surround Lighting

  • Global illumination solution to enhance the experience

  • Compute processing on the CPU or GPU*

  • Effects systems to create simple effects in 2D or 3D space (Niagara VFX injection support coming soon)

  • Create advanced VFX volume effects in 3D space

  • Video/Pixel Mapping (experimental)

  • Audio/Frequency Mapping (experimental)

  • Control an unlimited number real-world lights*

  • Supports all major consumer and professional lighting interfaces from Philips hue, Corsair iCUE to DMX lights with the ability to add more in the future

  • Supports RGB and RGB+WAUV* light fixtures as well as devices supported with addressable LEDs

  • Dedicated mobile app + pro tools for consumers to setup their lights as well as professionals

  • Unreal Engine 4 Plugin (UE5 in late 2021 and other platforms TBD)

  • Runtime/development support for Windows

  • Console support for Xbox One/Series S/X, PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch coming soon

Fast and Efficient

Get up and running quickly and with little interference

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Choose Your Lights

Multiple lighting interfaces supported from consumer to professional

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Unreal Power

IL is built as a plugin for the amazing and widely popular Unreal Engine 4.


Support coming at a later date for Unreal Engine 5, Unity and as a standalone SDK
*Professional feature (pro option coming in the following weeks)

Console support coming soon...

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